Tribute to Smt. M.S. Subbulakshmi

(Read in TAMIL)

MS Amma, Where Have You Gone?

In the scale of your melody
In the majestic magic of music,
You nourished our growth in devotion,
Divine introspection, Emotion,
Free-India Inspirations
You led a life of purity,
But in sudden rush of vanity,
Lo, to our grief and insanity –
Have you gone abode,
To Goddess Saraswati above!

For the word Amma –
The rare meaning is
Your Janma, good karma!
In each of us, our deserving traits
Already inbuilt in the womb,
By God with His might!
Our duty is – To realise and learn, renew and earn,
A life like a light to shine on its height-
That is the onus! Guru’s blessing a bonus!
With the path so pure,
You have shown this for sure!
As the wild nightingale,
Or an insignificant twinkle of insurmountable sky,
Or as a humble lamp at home, covered within a dome,
Or a cinema commodity for common commentary
Or as an arrested parrot
Unknown, unsung –
You could have hid
Thank God,
As an agent of good karma, your husband
Sadahasivam had the vision beyond!
Set your value in motion – as the tempest of music,
Crown of our Land,
Jewel of purity what a rarity!
Justly, the world with its hands fold
Is bowing to you in hold!

With the Kumkum on the forehead, flowers head,
Compassion the eyes, kind smile was your grace!
Unhindered spring of music,
With and within the velocity of its flow,
You are the music to treasure!
Your entry, serene scene of pleasure!

As the sound of Nadaswaram creates in our hearts
Profound happiness as to good things starts,
Your voice brings divinity in all hearts!

kausalya supraja – the phrase, in your phase
Raised so many millions to dawn,
Your voice daily
Cleansed many hearts in the kiss of Bhakti!
As the Gospel,
Your are the philosophy of music,
But then, perhaps to unwind and rest,
Where have you now departed?

Fame and Grace are not from birth
Or in the trace of parental myth!
But later in our lives,
From the path we tread,
By the teaching we spread,
In the deeds we led,
In our truthful life and how well our dues paid!
With heart tender as the world surrender
And see you as its mother, no wonder
For you have shown the rules to play
The music of life, all say!
Then, why now, have you gone?
Somewhere that is far beyond?

In the sweet blend of music, You are Kalyani!
Inspiring and engaging Manohari!
Be it a short song,
Or precious long
Veda or the virtuous mantras
Or words with varied tongues
In all, you install Your heart in their beats
Realising and Reflecting
In your pronunciation,
Sound is honoured! And in gratitude,
It harboured the God profound
In all your music surround!

Lo, with a margin of musical knowledge
Plus fine voice, in luck perhaps in bulge,
With the tact of ways and sways,
Many today sing for the sake of singing!
Or for the sake of saving
A status, fame or secure investments!
To these unripe minds,
For the mechanised merchants of melody
Your life is a lesson, Exhilaration,
Esteemed gift, your service an illustration!

Music is the boon!
Its divine performing the penance!
The truth, the Moving,
The Unmoved that moves,
Good music is that shows it all!
By the force of your thoughts,
Seed of your heart,
You showed singing is to signify God.
For some reason, you gone, untold!

The source of sound – Four places bound
Para,Pachyanthi, Madhyama,Vaikaree-
The basis, the place of lower abdomen,
Flowery heart and the pole of neck!

Ordinary mortal as we understand
The flow of words in the door of mouth!

For learned – It is
Truth at the neck! Love at the heart!
Intrinsic inspiration at the stomach!
Eternal bliss at the base!
You sang not at the periphery of sound
But from its deepest root,
True music, as if threaded well in order,
Seeded in sincerity, Rooted in bliss,
Experienced in the stem,
Love in the petals
The blessing flower, Amma, your music!

MS Amma, what a great seer you were!
More you sang, more you wore humility!
More you knew, more were you sublime!
More you matured, more was your divinity!
Your reign of songs
– a gain to the world of humanity!

Mother of Music, You performed so well!
As if it was enough,
Have you gone-off to take complete rest?
Sympathies Mother, for your naivety!
The place you have earned upon your purity –
The divine gate of Saraswathy.

At Her abode,
How can you get rest! As you are the best
The mother of all arts, Saraswathi,
The manifestation of Aum shall make you sing;
And in its divinity, Her grace to bring!
Infinite, thus, your music in the air!

For those of yesteryears,
us and those in coming years,
It is your melody,
forever as elegance
embroidered in the passing breeze!
In true love, this verse lit,
as a magnet to iron hearts it hit!
So, solace to your soul!
Peace be upon you!

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