Daily nectar of word meaning Day 15

நாள்தோறும் சொற்பொருள் அமிர்தம்

Without prejudice, we should approach to understand the merits of varna-dharmā .

Firstly, note that the very purpose of varna-dharmā is for the Veda to offer a means for establishing mutual obligations among the people in a society by defining visesha-dharmā , according to the chosen path of life – in other words the predominant occupation.

The word ‘chosen’ is quite important because it is your choice that determines what varna-dharmā to follow.

Please be delightfully assured that in the Veda, nowhere is the concept of caste and discrimination by one’s birth; nowhere are the innumerable castes and sub-castes that are somehow crept into our way of life! How and why these practices have come about, and on what divine authority there can be any justification for the atrocious discrimination, undue hatred and the dreaded untouchability, the blemish on human dignity, all in the name of caste! Unfortunately, such mischief had also dented the true spirit of varna-dharmā so much so it is discarded as if it caused all the ills of caste system.

The true intent and the value of varna-dharmā are worthy of perusal.

In this context, the term ’shudrā’ is the first to be understood which is now totally hijacked for labelling anyone who is not deemed as Brahmin-caste by birth! Even many scholars, more so the so called ‘orientalist’ have fuelled the debate by loading the term with inference to isolated and amplified social injustice. In fact, the term ‘shudrā ‘simply means the varnā, representing those who do not adhere to any defined visesha dharmā , either because they do not want to or they are not yet ready. That is, it!

Every child is therefore a shudrā only. Every one of us is born only as a shudrā only irrespective of the parentage and we continue to be so, unless and until we consciously take up the varna-dharmā , to match our chosen life, reflecting our will, character and approach to our way of life. How is this done?

(to be continued – Mee. Rajagopalan – 24/05/2017)

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(தொடரும் – மீ. ராஜகோபாலன், 24/05/2017)

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