Daily nectar of word meaning Day 30

நாள்தோறும் சொற்பொருள் அமிர்தம்

Our endeavors in life and their outcome, according to Veda, can be completely and thoroughly scrutinized. Only when we are able to analyze the ‘ART’ of life, we are able to make progress. Let us see what this ART of life is.

The ART of life starts with (A) ACTIONS.

Veda classifies our actions into three types or the ‘sādhana-triam’. These are actions that are physical or ‘kāyikā’, vocal or ‘vacikā’ and mental or ‘mānasa’.

All the Vedic karma are also fall into these same three types.
Actions lead to RESULTS. Veda enumerates the results which are the ‘karma-phala’ into three types, known as ‘sadhya triam’.

Of these three, the foremost RESULT that we seek is the ability of our faculties for both action and enjoyment. We need sound health and pristine condition of our faculties. What is the point of having a great painting if our sight is impaired! Our physical, sensory and emotional well being are of paramount importance. This is the foremost karma-phala we seek and it is called the ‘upādi prāpti’ or the attainment of sound embodiment. Without this blessing, all our accomplishments are wasted.

There are two more RESULTS that we seek. This we need to understood.

(to be continued – Mee. Rajagopalan – 08/06/2017)

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(தொடரும் – மீ. ராஜகோபாலன், 08/06/2017)

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