Mount Kailash Parikrama

Mount Kailash Log

Lake Manasarover
The immutable Shivam is the root cause; Parashakthi, as the cosmic mind has the zealous will for creation. That ‘ichcha shakthi’ is the Manasarover, which we have witnessed and in which we had the dips for eternal salvation.

Shiva Kailash
With the holy river tucked in His tuft, Shiva appears as the snowy mountain, where the stars and the moon inclined to touch. This is before our eyes! With tears, we walk to complete the Parikrama, thus all will be well.

With the wonderful services of the travel agents and by the grace of God, our devotional trip to Shiva Kailash was made possible. With this yatra successfully completed, fear no more!

Our Vow
By discriminating intellect, it is not comprehensible – yet in the collective love, the divine is seen. This is clear now. So let our minds ripe with love and our lives be led in harmony with the mother


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