Daily nectar of word meaning Day 25

நாள்தோறும் சொற்பொருள் அமிர்தம்

The need and validity of the existence of GOD can be inferred by a brief contemplation. For example, when you are walking along the woods, passing on the sides, the dense and cluttered waste land, suddenly you see a well laid-out area, studded with flowering plants, beautiful shrubs, ponds and a neatly manicured meadow. Evidently, you will see ‘order’ in this, and ponder who is the creator and maintainer of this land. Although it is unknown to you, you will have no doubts about the need and existence of someone responsible for that place. It is because, when you see ‘order’, your logic is to expect a responsible entity for maintaining the order.

When you now turn to everything around you, even within you, you can see the ‘order’. In the infinite macrocosm and in equally mystifying microcosm, what seemed before as random chaotic events, actually are in order! How do these billion stars and planets keep their orbital planes!

How does the earth turn itself into all that has form! How do I breathe? What makes my digestive system work? Who draws me to slumber every night and gently wakes me from the sleep!

Clearly everything in here and out there – are all in ‘perfect order’ or the ‘niyathi’. it is the other meaning of the world ‘dharmā ’. Therefore, there must be a responsible entity, Who we shall call the God. Of course, those of us who don’t view the underlying dharmā of the universe may still be far away to invite the God in the scheme of things.

Next question is, on what logic GOD dispenses our karma-phala? By the way, if GOD is simply a glorified accountant, can we only focus on performing karmā and keep the book-keeper at the bay? Don’t we read in the Purāna, even many masters of Veda, like Dakshan, take that approach?

(to be continued – Mee. Rajagopalan – 03/06/2017)

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(தொடரும் – மீ. ராஜகோபாலன், 03/06/2017)

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