Nothing to Write

Life is what?
A Quest, to start;
Is it an act?
Of some mechanical sort?

Is Life simply a breath
Between birth and death?
Or a journey for long
In temporal bodies belong?

Is Life a dream?
Unreal, all that seem?
Is a Karma to quell,
As religions dwell?

Is Life only to breed?
Or to settle certain creed?
To pile in much riches?
Or to while away the wishes?

Is Life a school
For incomplete learning?
Or a float in a pool
Of anonymous yearning?

Life surely is an uneasy riddle
As we grope in all sorts of muddle!

Perhaps Life is
Simply a belief!
To exist here is
Sweetly a relief!

Life is a chain
Of experiences gained!
Uncut, stream
Of experiments grained!

Where Life is proposed
Experience is supposed!
When experiences exit
Life does not exist!

Good Life thus needs
Good experience as seeds!

As experience exposes duality
We need to know the formality;
Subject is who experiences
Shining within your personality!
Object is what experienced
Out there in the externality!

Search within!
Serve Others!
Goodness shall prevail!
Good Life hither!

Secrets of Good Life
To the seekers who try
Occurs in the nature,
Its occults, verify!

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