Nothing to Write

Weary evening slumber
Was cut asunder
With a gentle reminder!
It is a call from Rishi
“For SIS – I need your piece
ASAP, if you can please”.
Yes, I must do
As it is overdue.. .
But, what should I scribe
Perhaps about me, I describe!
I needed a cue.. ..

With a jotter and thoughts,
I drew myself to the part
Of my garden –
It’s my inspirational Eden.

Evening still young,
Hazy clouds just carpeted
The droplets of blood
That the setting Sun shed;
My Pear tree –
Tall, and as ever free
With arching branches
Hanging her fruits of labor;

In a mystic communique,
We often exchange thoughts;
As if to acknowledge my presence,
She wraps the breeze
Through her leaves;
At her sizzling shake of head,
I stall my gaze and in my usual pace,
I mutter, “I am my subject”.

The lost drop of Sunlight
Glazed the drooping branch
That responded in repose!
“Writing about You!
Who are you?”

“Me! I know I am!
I am their child …
I am their parent …
I am the spouse …
I live in this house.. ..”

“Stop”, the stern voice from the top
“Your relationships are fine;
But that isn’t the way to define;
Seems You don’t know You”

“Ok, the big tree!
Perhaps I know not me,
But knowing thee,
Other things I see,
A world of features
Of freak nature,
Birds and animals,
Flowers and minerals,
Living and dead,
Nature ahead.. .
I shall write about them”
With pumping heart
I shot my thoughts.

“Go ahead”, the tree whispered,
“But True writing is Truth writing!
Among the leaves and branches,
Across the breeze and streams,
Amid life and death
And in everything you see,
Do you see the truth?”

By now,
The tree is figuratively growing,
Too big to my hold;
“I am confused”, I confessed;
“Is the world really unreal?
How can we ignore all hard facts
That we interact?
To name everything an illusion
Sets only confusion!
If life is a conscious experience,
I live in a world of experience;
A real world of my cognizance!
So why am I not seeing the truth”

As I gazed at the tree,
The waning moon is on her stride
Glaring through the tree behind;

After a momentary pause
‘That defined years at lapse,
‘The tree tossed back …

“Nothing is unreal!
Dreams as real to the dreamer,
Streams as real to the Sea,
Everything, in related terms,
Is Real! But behold!
Real world is not the true world
Reality is not equated to truth”

I looked up in the sky;
Black veil already spread,
A single star above the top branch
Twinkled as if it knows all.

“So, reality is relative hence untrue,
Where then, the truth hides?”

I am at a point of no return.

A leaf gently waved
Good-bye to the branch
And swirled to the lap of earth.

‘The pear tree spoke again
“Truth does not hide,
It pervades – which
Exists and
will Exist forever!
That is truly the truth”

Where is it?
What or who is it?
I asked.

In you, within you and is You
I am answered!

I am the truth! Am I?

As the tree stands motionless
The breeze took momentary rest!
“Pervasive Truth is personified
In all forms of awareness
Write about You, the Eternal truth!
But Only When You Know You.. ..
True writing needs
Truthful experience.. …”

The tree bid me good-bye
The apex star continue to twinkle!
I shrink,

Must call Rishi and tell him
To write, nothing I truly know yet . . .
..perhaps, the next time.. .”

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