(Read in TAMIL)

Rise above the shore

Presented during the Tsunami Victim Support Meeting, in London

Your lullaby sweet,
The gentle tides
Chiselled all sides,
Washing, whirling
My toes cold tread
As tickling with a thread,
Shrilling your slipping waves
Rock the sleeping boats,
In rhythm, no mayhem!
Splash of flowers foam
Glow in the flow,
Its tingle, a sweet melody!
In the white sands
My fingers cross
For the damp sweet kiss of water!
Beautiful Sea,
So Tranquil is your shore
We had our abode to endure!

Yet – today,
At your bay,
Sizzling breeze is a sleeze!
Not my harmony!
As there is one thought
Scared deeper in my heart,
Not healed like the wound
The serene sea shore can t heed.
With ferocity,
How you unleashed the calamity!
Plucked and crushed down
The flowers tender
All my people cut asunder!
Bare on the ground,
As the chariots devoid of axles
Beautiful yet wasted bodies lambasted!
Words dumbed, hearts numbed
What choice we had?
In a hurry
We bury every body in a quarry!

Tearing eyes in crimson
Flood the mount of sand,
Exposing part of the buried child,
Perhaps a wife, father, mother,
Pal or an unknown stranger!
With the trace of hair,
Tip of the nail, sort of style
– Someone knows the loss,
Almost a birth of death in display
–  Alas, you are my treasure ,
The destitute hum raises
To desperate cry
Unto silence.

My people cannot wait
To bear the sight
In haste,
In the time no chaste
The last rites,
Although not right, they do!

Salty Sea!
You showed your distaste.
We vow
Our tears, let drain;
If not, be no strain of salt,
But be sweet, in its fountain,
Let there be joy!

Lady Ocean!

Why is that you lost your cool
Like a fool,
When mother earth shakes her lap,
On which you take your nap?
Why did you unleash the ghost
Tsunami that killed all almost?
Frolic children tossed to death!
Why did you loot
The families uproot?
Didn t you threw the visitors beneath
Into the valley of death?
How dare you blew and brushed
The tender women and children crushed!

You are the Power!
Mother of Earth!
Assuredly all powerful!
Who here have sought
A proof or reason to contest!

Creation, cessation and
Careful preservation –
All in its glory
Is Nature s story!
Although this eternal truth known,
Your rage so unknown!
Still knots our stomach hold,
Harsh and fearful, never told!
Surfing tides with spark of fire
Surrounded waves, wall in dire!

Shore – Does it not mean to store? Why didn’t you hold?
Blemish is what to be told!

Yet, there is a certainty!
See, the world as a fraternity!
In love, we wipe other tears
What else is Wisdom,
As our learning rear!

There is within us,
A treasure
A divine light, so bright
That you cannot wet, we bet!
Soaked in love, our Soul
Beyond thoughts, will and words
It shines through!
Come what may, when and how
In the true spirit of humanity,
Love, and the duty to serve,
We will tide above the tides
Prevail and win in stride!

Mother, The universal mother!
You have granted thus love,
As the Universal Wisdom,
So, be, Just be!
Let Tsunami,
The binomi of death
Be dead!
Let the good days dawn!

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